8 tips to succeed in your job interview

It finally happened. You found a great job opportunity, applied, and got a call to schedule your job interview. If you’re in desperate need of some interview advice, we’ve got a couple of good ones for you. Even the most intelligent and qualified job candidates must prepare for their interviews. Interview skills can be learned. […]

Recruitment Desk: The importance of recruiters

With the surge of new inventions in the market, knowing the importance of recruiters is important. Find out now when you read it here at Recruitment Desk. The importance of it that you need to know are the following: Recruiters are the ones who hire new employees and are always on the lookout for new […]

7 Tips to ace your first job interview

A job interview is your chance to show a great impression and showcase your personality. It’s one of the first steps you’ll be taking to get your dream job. Before you attend your first interview, it’s important to prepare answers and research the company. How you answer the questions determines if you’ll move to the […]