5 ways you can do to be likeable in your job interview

To help you be liked by the interviewer, we at Recruitment Desk have prepared this 5-point guide to help you excel and be likeable during your upcoming job interviews. 

Be authentic

In an interview, the HR representative wants to talk to someone who’s true. This is because when you play a character during the interview, they’d easily notice and you’d lose your chances of obtaining the position.

So as the interview goes, be authentic in all your answers. Refrain from doing things such as giving overly idealistic answers, being humorous/serious or any other actions that will make you appear unreal. So long as you’re respectful, be authentic in all your answers. 

Be prepared

You want to accomplish the interview with flying colours. To be able to answer all the interviewer’s questions exceptionally well, you need to be prepared. So days before the interview date, think of possible questions the interviewer can ask you and how you can answer them well. 

When you do, the interview process will be smooth, you’d look amazing and the HR representative will surely want you to be part of the team. So take the time to do your homework on not just the company, but your experiences as well, to be an impressive applicant that the company will want.

Let the interviewer speak as well

As you impress the interviewer with your myriad of accomplishments and answers, it’s also best to let them speak as well. Doing so makes them like you more. After all, people love to talk about themselves.  

However, ensure that these questions are still relevant to the interviewer’s experience in the company and refrain from delving too deep into the interviewer’s personal life. Once you’ve built proper rapport with the interviewer, it will be easy for them to consider you to be a part of the team. 

Use positive body language

One of the best ways to be likeable is having a body language that reflects it. Because if your body makes you look timid or nervous, the interviewer will think that’s the case and not like you. To exude positivity, refrain from using closed body language like keeping your arms crossed, being stiff and not having the necessary eye contact with the interviewer.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep 

It’s easy to talk about a big game to an interviewer. For example, plenty of applicants makes these big promises claiming they can ‘achieve more than the company’s goals’. Then when they get hired, these same applicants leave at the first sign of trouble. So whenever you’re asked about what you can do for the company, make promises that you can keep based on your particular set of skills.

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