A job interview is your chance to show a great impression and showcase your personality. It’s one of the first steps you’ll be taking to get your dream job. Before you attend your first interview, it’s important to prepare answers and research the company. How you answer the questions determines if you’ll move to the next interview process step.

The Recruitment Desk offers you these 7 tips to help you ace your first job interview and land your dream job easily.

Research the company and job description

One of the important steps before heading to your job interview is researching the company you are applying to. This will help you learn about the company’s operations, industry, and community. You can check their website and navigate their social media channels to find vital information. 

The more knowledge you gain about the company, the better you’ll understand how to answer questions they will ask you. Make sure you know the position or job you’re applying for. It’s key to fully learning the job description to understand the daily tasks and responsibilities required in that position. 


Before your interview, you can ask your friend or family member to help practice your possible interview questions. You’ll find it easier to answer interview questions easily and calmly with rehearsed answers. You’ll also appear more confident and prepared to make a good impression on the interviewer.

Bring copies of your resume and notes

It’s a smart tip to always bring at least three copies of your resume so that you can give other interviewers who might want to ask you questions. It’s also vital to bring a notebook and pen to write important notes and details the interviewer will tell you.

Always focus on your strengths

Your main goal in the interview is to make yourself stand out from other applicants applying for the same position. Always highlight your strengths and what you’ve learned in your journey to show the interviewer that you understand your strengths and capabilities.

Be punctual

There is no worse impression than arriving late at a scheduled interview. To avoid this, double-check the interview date and time and set an alarm as a reminder. It’s better to have ample time to prepare before the interview to avoid cramming. 

It’s a good idea to show up at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Suppose you have more time to review and rehearse your answers for a more confident appeal.

Be assertive 

Candidates who want to come off polite often become too passive during interviews. However, politeness does not imply being passive. You and your interviewer are giving out signals, each responding to the other’s cues, just like you would in any other conversation.

Don’t wait for your interviewer to ask what awards you’ve achieved. It’s your job to make sure he knows your main selling points before the interview is over.

Have a good exit

At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for their time by smiling and shaking their hand. You want the interview to end on a good note. You can also suggest that your line is open to make it clear to the interviewer that if they have any follow-up questions, they can reach out to you.

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