11 things applicants need to look incredible for their interview

One of the hardest things about job hunting is the interview process. With a lot of pressure expected from HR, applicants have thoroughly studied their resumes and the company they’re applying to’s website. 

However, as they get too busy studying, many forget to prepare for how they’ll look for the interview. This is unfortunate because how an applicant looks is just as important as their accomplishments.  

With an applicant’s looks being a reflection of their personality and chances of getting hired, we at Recruitment Desk have prepared this list to help them look excellent for an interview. So if you’d love to look amazing and increase your chances of getting hired, keep reading this helpful guide. 

Wear appropriate clothing

Whenever you’re going out for a job interview, it’s best if you stand out among your competitors. Whether your attire is more polished than others’ or you’re more fashionable, you need to be a standout.

However, your look still needs to be appropriate even if it’s unique. Or else, the HR representative won’t take you seriously. After all, when you’re in a company, no one likes someone who doesn’t follow certain standards. 

So whenever you’re choosing clothes for the interview, make sure your choices are eye-catching, yet appropriate.

Be fashionable

As mentioned before, your look needs to stand out from the crowd. This is because you’d like to be the most memorable one visually, whenever the interview goes through the various applicants. This increases your chances of getting the position you’d like to have. 

To be fashionable, you’d need a set of clothing that reflects your likeable personality, but is still useable for the workplace. The easiest way to find these kinds of clothes is by choosing outfits in your favourite colour but more muted to make them look more professionally acceptable. 

Be better dressed than the other employees

Before you start planning out your outfit for the interview, research for the look of the position that is two positions above your intended post. Once you’ve found this outfit set, use that to define what you’ll wear.

Doing this shows the interviewer that you have a bigger goal in the company and that you’re willing to work hard to obtain that certain position. However, as you create an outfit for this upcoming interview, remember to refrain from going overboard with your choice of clothing. 

Follow modern-day dress code

Fashion continuously evolves every day, so you must always be updated with them. In doing so, you’re sending the appropriate message to the interviewer, saying that you’re always doing your research. Which is a must for every company, especially for larger corporations. 

Should you fail to wear a more modern look, the interviewer might think that your research ability is lacking, thus lowering your chances of getting hired. 

However, keep in mind that ‘modern day’ dress code doesn’t mean you get to wear anything the celebrities and younger people are wearing. Instead, it simply means not to follow fashion senses that are over 5 years old.  

Understand the company

Not every company will need you to wear a suit. In fact, opting to go with this look may even be inappropriate for some companies. So when you need to prepare yourself for the upcoming interview, have a better understanding of the company and what attire is considered appropriate. 

If you have no idea what outfit is considered appropriate there, research the traditional clothing of those who belong in the company’s industry.  

Comfort is a must

You can have the most stand-out look of all the other applicants, but if you’re not comfortable, looking excellent is worthless. This is because if you’re uncomfortable with your clothes, you’re not able to carry yourself well throughout the interview. 

From feeling pain from overly tight clothing, feeling haggard from loose ones to feeling too hot or cold inside the office, you’d end up looking and feeling terrible if your clothes aren’t comfortable. Because of this, you might not be able to answer the HR representative’s questions appropriately. 

To avoid this, find clothes that are modern, fashionable and comfortable. After all, when you look excellent, you’ll feel excellent.

Wear clothes of the right fit

As mentioned above, clothes that are of the right fit are the best way to stay comfortable. They help you move around better and they’ll better accentuate your overall physique. This makes you look confident and professional regardless of your body’s build.

Wear the right shoes

When it comes to comfort, another thing you need to consider is your choice of shoes. If they’re not appropriately sized, you might fall over as you walk or make your toes feel incredibly uncomfortable if they are too tight. 

So what can you say are those that are of the right fit? Here are some things you need to consider:

  • For women, refrain from wearing high heels you’re not used to. Yes, looking tall makes you look and feel confident, but if you keep on falling over because of them, you’d just lose your confidence and the HR representative’s respect. 
  • For men, shoes need to be properly sized over your toes. With men having wider feet, some shoes, especially those that have pointed ends, can feel uncomfortable because of the shoes’ narrow shape.  
  • For both men and women, it’s best to have a little bit of allowance in them. This is because if you choose a shoe that shapes around your foot, they’re difficult to wear and remove. Making them feel narrow and uncomfortable as you wear them.

Much like your clothing ensemble, your shoes also need to fit your overall outfit. Because according to psychologists, your shoes are the first thing people will notice and judge about you. With this in mind, the HR representative will likely judge you based on your chosen pair of shoes. 

To ensure their first impression about you is positive, research about the shoes that best fit your clothes. It may be a little pricey, but it’s a worthwhile investment if you want to be a part of your dream company. 

Clothes must be neat

Don’t wait until the eve of your interview before you prepare your clothes. At least a week before the big day, you need to have already chosen your clothing ensemble, checked it for proper fit and most importantly, if they have any tears or holes. This one week allowance allows you to do the necessary changes and repairs to your outfit inside your closet. Once the necessary repairs have been done, make sure your clothes have been properly ironed and free from wrinkles, fluff and other undesirable things on them. 

Meanwhile, your shoes also need to be free from holes, the sole properly stitched to the shoe and most importantly, well-shined. Once again, with your shoes being the first thing people notice about you, your footwear needs to look excellent to make a good first impression. 

Use the right amount of perfume/cologne

This is the step that countless people tend to make a mistake in. In fact, even some of the biggest CEOs and managers tend to overuse their colognes, especially their more expensive ones.

Yes, you might think you’re smelling like royalty because of the perfume/cologne you bought. This may be true to you and a few other people, but not everyone will think your special scent is great—this potentially includes the HR representative. 

So whenever you’re using that perfume or cologne, use it sparingly. With the application strong enough for the representative to smell it, while light enough as to not distract the interviewer’s smell throughout the interview.  After all, the fact that you’re inside a small room, you don’t want to make it hard to breathe smelling your cologne.

Groom yourself

Once your clothes have been chosen and ironed out and your shoes shined, it’s now time to fix your most important asset: your body. After all, even if your clothes look incredible, if you look like a mess, it will all be for nothing. 

To groom yourself, here are a few things you need to do: 

  • For both men and women, you’d need to properly comb your hair and ensure it looks neat. 
  • If you have long hair, make sure it’s not covering your face and allows for the interviewer to see you. You can either put it in a bun or have a hairstyle that perfectly frames your face.
  • For men with beards, you can do one of two things: shave it off or have it primed so that it doesn’t look scraggly.   
  • For women, if you feel comfortable wearing make-up, use the right amount. This is because if your face is in inches of make-up, it doesn’t look professional.

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